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  1. Scope for hunting deer?

    I've been using a .308 rifle for whitetail deer. I find myself using 4x a lot at 75 yards . At 240 yards I would probably want 12x. once active I notice it annoying to not be ready to see my holes within the scope. I really like to see the animal close up when I take my shot.
  2. I'm on a tight budget, and I would like to know what would be a good beginner compound bow. Just to give a little background to my query, I have been using a Horton crossbow passed down to me from my dad. I have been using it for many years now, but I’m looking to graduate to the compound bow arena, and follow up with the crowd. My uncles, dad, and best friend have been doing it, and keep egging me on to the game. So, I guess, I should try it out. I’ve heard a few things about the Hoyt, Bear and PSE. That’s the variation of what my peers have, but I am open to getting feedback on some more. I’d like to know what your preferences are, and the corresponding prices. I’m not looking for the newest in the market either, I figure some older designs may be enough, and at a lower price. any suggestions?
  3. Looking quality gloves

    Any glove that is warm enough for the winter is too thick to fire, so just put a hand warmer on each side pocket side and stick my hand in my coat pockets and remove them from the shoot pockets. I thought of getting one of those sleeves that hold in the line of his belt and you stick a hand on each end so you want to shoot, you can stick hand warmer inside if you like. I'm still thinking about it. For hunting tips - https://lifeundersky.com/
  4. catfish from the bank in river

    What's your go to bait for river fishing for catfish? Going to fish a pool on Ky river next weekend from the bank. Be late evening and night time.
  5. BOW TUNING: Tips and Tricks

    Paper tuning is one of the most common ways compound archers using mechanical releases determine whether their arrows are leaving their bows in a straight line. For details on paper tuning- https://www.goldtip.com/Resources/Tuning-Assembly/Paper-Tuning-(1).aspx Hope this will helps
  6. Thunder chicken

    hahaha... That's the best funny story of the stories I've heard.

    Thanks for the tips. It's help me to found exact topics what i'm seaching