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  1. On my previous GMC 2500HD, I used keys and shock spacers that I got at 4WO| 4wd parts. This gave me 1.75 inches of lift. Of course, I had it aligned.
  2. Those are pretty huge bucks!
  3. russelon

    Goose hunting

    Great goose hunt! I enjoyed watching the video.
  4. Nice shot. The woodpeckers are gorgeous birds.
  5. Delicious. I like marinating the backstrap in teriyaki.
  6. Awesome vid. Those were some big fish!
  7. Try to visit smokingmeatforums. Lots of good recipe.
  8. Nice shots! I really like the bird pic.
  9. russelon

    Axis mount

    I really like it! Congrats!
  10. russelon

    New Pup

    Sweet pup! He will become a good hunter for sure.
  11. You can even make your own lifeline. I recommend using dynamic climbing rope for a DIY rig.
  12. The Vortex Viper PST is a good starter scope also.
  13. I don't use cover scent.
  14. russelon


    I like my bacon to be barely crispy.
  15. My current favorite is Lacrosse Aerohead. It is very comfortable and waterproof.