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  1. Thanks for replying. I ended up getting the BDS. My buddy owns a shop and he will help me install the kit this weekend.
  2. I traded my 09 F150 for a 2016 Silverado. I'm planning to add a 4" or 6" lift kit to accommodate bigger bfgoodrich tires. Any recommendations? It is my first time to own a Chevy truck so I want to do it right. I've heard good things about BDS and Fabtech but still, I can't decide yet on what to choose.
  3. Does your Foreman have a manual shift or ES?
  4. Those are some pretty big bucks! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Wifey likes her .357 magnum LCR due to its design and ease of trigger.
  6. Had a Vanguard Varmint in .22/250. It didn't fail me.
  7. Nature is really fascinating. Nice pics!
  8. Maxxis Bighorns can perform well in the mud, dirt and rocks.
  9. I know this is an old thread, but I enjoyed watching your vid. Great shooting!
  10. I'm very pleased with my Bushnell trophy. Really good scope for the money.
  11. Congrats! I also enjoyed reading your story.
  12. I like wearing my Scentlok Velocity Full-Season since it is comfy and not bulky.
  13. I used Wasp Boss broadheads. They have a sharp point.
  14. russelon

    Surprise Pics

    Nice. Those are pretty big bucks!
  15. My buddy dipped a few rifle sticks that turned out good, though not my cup of tea.