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  1. kissshot9

    Great opening day!

    That's an awesome hunting day though. Great job.
  2. kissshot9

    Texas Drawn Hunts

    Seems like you're out of luck.
  3. kissshot9

    2018 texas deer hunting video

    Well done, mate.
  4. kissshot9

    Bird that drove me nuts last year is back

    Awesome job!
  5. kissshot9

    2016 buck on the wall

  6. kissshot9

    #2 Big Island Bird

  7. kissshot9

    nice kitty

    I would love to that feline play fetch.
  8. kissshot9

    Im BORED!

    Nice timing!
  9. kissshot9

    nice kitty

    Nice video. I can feel the tension though.
  10. kissshot9

    Finally Time to Dangle at the Angle!

    Nice photos.
  11. kissshot9

    Chequamagon Bay Lake Superior

    Nice haul you got there.
  12. kissshot9

    Some trail cam shots

    Awesome shots. It felt like I am viewing photos from a zoo.
  13. Recently picked up a used Tacoma. I've been planning to use it as an off-road recovery vehicle but I still can't afford a blue ox towing system and a new suspension lift kit. I still have my spare set of mud tires that I could install on it though.
  14. kissshot9


    Nicely done.
  15. kissshot9

    1st. crossbow harvest

    Woah that's awesome. Congrats on your first crossbow hunt.