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  1. Yeah so true on the sheeples. still waiting to see what bills get passed
  2. I was there, it was truly something to see and be part of. I don't believe the democrats were listening though.
  3. Rdy2hnt1

    Lost-a sad post

    Truly sorry for your loss. Prayers on the way.
  4. Hey Gang, Goose egg for me this season. I hunted hard the last weeks of the season, was not meant to be. Had some good times in the woods, I enjoy the sit. Everything else is a bonus. Thanks for having me, and good luck to anyone still hunting.
  5. Condolences to you and your family. Sorry for your loss.
  6. Congrats RackBlaster No luck here in VA, still time. Cool pic of the fisher. Good luck everyone.
  7. Heading to VA tech for the game tomorrow. Muzzleloader starts on Saturday, will be in the stand on Sunday. Had a great sit the other night seen 5 gobblers and a solid 8. Off next week for muzzleloader, cant wait.
  8. Pre Rut is kicking in here, Had a nice 10 run by no stopping him. Missed an 8 on Sunday evening. Hopefully he sticks around. Heading to watch the Hokies play on Thursday night, back in the stand Friday evening. Good luck everyone
  9. Season started this past Saturday, no close encounters yet. Was super hot here.
  10. Working , working and more working. Picking up two pigs in the am. Working on plots and stands. Going to hunting show on Sunday.
  11. Hello everyone. Working hard on getting ready for the season. Just got a new crossbow. Ravin R20 its fast. Food plots are coming along. Looking forward to talking to you guys. Good luck everyone. Chris
  12. Dove season starts tomorrow. Can't wait. Dinner with some friends tonight. Hunting Saturday and Sunday. Working on food plots on Monday and setting to box blinds.