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  1. I'm seeing a lot of people are recommending the Nikon Monarch 5. I did read a couple of blogs regarding that specific scope and in conclusion, it's a good scope. I'll give it a go. Thanks guys!
  2. It's time for me to upgrade my scope on the 308. I'm trying to find the best scope for 308 for deer hunting and was wondering what you guys would recommend? I'm looking for a scope that has long eye relief, dead-hold BDC, and if possible, lightweight. Any recommendations?
  3. I just got myself a 17 HMR and added a Nikon P-rimfire scope to it. Amazing!
  4. Howdy folks! I've been browsing the web for hours now reading up on everything about the 17 HMR and decided that I'm going to purchase it. I'm going to need a scope for it and based on my research, I'm leaning towards the Nikon P-Rimfire. Any ideas or suggestions?