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  1. Joseph08

    Smallest sheds yet...

    Yeah they are pretty tiny.
  2. Joseph08

    long time archer

    Congrats...hope you guys have spent some really quality hunting time.
  3. Joseph08

    Hunters Beware - LYME is not what you think!

    Thanks for this really informative piece.
  4. Joseph08

    Public land buck down

    That's nice. hope everyone had fun
  5. Joseph08

    Deer Calling Tactics you can WATCH work!

    I agree, its better to stay silent. Give a read to 10 Tips For Effective Hunting. You will get much guidance.
  6. Joseph08

    Hunting in Low Temperatures

    Not sure about the temperature but there are other multiple factors to consider. Though this seems a bit low temperature.
  7. Joseph08

    Favorite Turkey Vest?

    I would prefer Redhead Striker Vest. Really nice!
  8. Joseph08

    Deer Dog Drive - Buck Down!!

    I have used my new Hunters Crossbow 150lbs Wooden Stock and was lucky enough to get my first buck
  9. Joseph08

    Drop away rests

    I have used QAD Ultra HDX twice or thrice. It was always a good experience.
  10. Joseph08

    Little Buddy Heater

    In for replies...Would also like to know about it
  11. Joseph08

    Crossbows now legal in NY

    Really? Good to know
  12. Joseph08

    Any spring 2019 hunts planned yet ??

    Yes, looking forward to it very soon. Good luck to everyone and keep us posted.
  13. Joseph08

    Describe your hunting ground

    Thanks for sharing this precious information. Good read
  14. Joseph08

    sweet arrow ideas

    One of my friends own these Extra Survival Aluminum Arrows. I am also looking forward to this purchase. Great Pickup!
  15. Joseph08

    Video - Ultimate 60 Second Bow Challege

    Nice to watch!