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  1. Joseph08

    Hunting arrow

    I own these Cross Metal Arrows They work pretty well for me.
  2. Joseph08

    Dog Hunting for Deer in North Florida

    Congrats! This is interesting...Good luck
  3. Joseph08

    WOW...Double Droptines!

    This is really nice. Love to see...
  4. Joseph08

    Any ideas on this doe??

    The photo is not much clear. Though she looks pregnant or may be she is naturally fat LOL...
  5. Joseph08

    How would you hunt this place

    This is complicated. Good luck!
  6. Joseph08

    Hunting arrow

    I will suggest Gold Tip Hunter Pro. The speed, stability, and strength are simply up to the mark.
  7. Joseph08

    Awesome Hunt on an Old "Friend"

    Congrats! You guys must had an exciting time. Good to see...
  8. Joseph08

    Done growing here

    Pretty nice buck..wooh!
  9. Joseph08

    Wife killed 2018 target buck

    Wow good to hear that. A long read but worth it. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Joseph08

    A little story about Rye

    An interesting story! Good to hear that.
  11. Joseph08

    Nature gone wrong & to the left

    Well, both of these looks great!
  12. Joseph08


    Good one!
  13. Joseph08

    Favorite broad heads

    I typically use NAP Thunderhead Broadheads for hunting. Works pretty good.
  14. Joseph08

    Turkey Hunting Video - WNYA

    Great! It was a smart move and yes quick one.
  15. Joseph08

    Great deals here!

    Good collection!