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  1. Joseph08

    Not much action

    Thanks for sharing. Though this is scary lol
  2. Joseph08

    More "Smoke" up north

    Well, this looks both funny and serious.
  3. Joseph08

    1st. crossbow harvest

    Congrats! lucky to get this.
  4. Joseph08

    Omaha Outdoors

    Will be looking forward to...I have come across this Swordsswords. Looks pretty similar to the one you mentioned.
  5. Joseph08

    1st of 2017 (Matched)

    Wow! really nice.
  6. Joseph08

    Climate Change

    This dramatic climate change is seriously dangerous.
  7. Joseph08

    Compound Bow

    I have personally used this Spider Maximum Power 150LBS Compound Hunting Crossbow. I think it works great for a beginner level. Though you can always look for more options on amazon.
  8. Joseph08

    Car problems...

    Good luck with that!
  9. Not yet...this is really amazing.Congrats!
  10. Joseph08

    Hunting Truffles

    They are very delicious....mouth watering
  11. Joseph08

    Got it done Friday-Illinois 8 pointer

    Congrats! Good to hear about your experience.
  12. Joseph08

    Fall success

    Wow! lucky one.
  13. Joseph08

    Shed Hunting Tips

    Thanks for sharing the info. I was really looking for it.
  14. Joseph08


    Yeah...practicing with my Wild Game Hunter Compound Bow. Soon will hit my first target.
  15. Joseph08

    3 Generations trip of a lifetime

    Well, this is really cool and so do the beautiful creatures that are no more. Hope you guys had a great time. Loved to read the story!
  16. Joseph08

    Emma's first buck!!

    First buck is the memorable one. Thanks for sharing your story!
  17. Joseph08

    New hunter...

    My advise is to start targeting small preys. Once your brother have enough experience killing the tiny preys, he will perform better with the large bucks.
  18. Joseph08

    Biggest Deer I've Ever Shot

    Congrats on this giant prey!
  19. Joseph08

    Best safety harness

    I would suggest Tree Spider Speed Harness. Solid built and ease of usability that's all i can say.
  20. Joseph08

    Best Knife for Field Dressing Game - A How To Guide

    Well, my recent experience with Hunt For Lifeā„¢ Knife was great. I really liked the sharpness of blade and how smoothly it worked for field dressing game.
  21. Joseph08


    Congrats! I feel sad for this beautiful prey.
  22. Joseph08

    Crazy recovery!!!

    This is really cool! Good luck
  23. Joseph08

    Great 2 days in Missouri

    Great! That's an interesting adventure.
  24. Well that probably depends what type of bow you are carrying...
  25. Joseph08

    Buck knife

    I own this Automatic Buck Switchblade Knife. Since i often go for camping, it really help me with multiple tasks.