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  1. grandfischer

    Catching Bass in Alligator Alley

    Nice video!
  2. grandfischer

    New Pup

    I'm certain that he's remarkable. Impressive photo of Finn you got there.
  3. grandfischer


    I'll be doing some practicing this coming February.
  4. grandfischer

    Compound Bow

    Let me check that out.
  5. grandfischer

    Shed Hunting Tips

    Nice, thanks for this one.
  6. grandfischer

    3 Generations trip of a lifetime

    Awesome story!
  7. grandfischer

    Fall success

    Nice Turkey you got there.
  8. grandfischer

    pygmy owl

    Great job on capturing its photo.
  9. grandfischer

    Drone Fishing for Bass!!

    Awesome video!
  10. grandfischer

    LOTW Early Ice trip

    Nice haul you got there.
  11. grandfischer

    patience pays off BIG for 13 year old daughter

    Certainly, She did a great job. Congratulations!
  12. grandfischer

    Mid December Muzzleloader Buck

    Congratulations! That's an impressive buck you got there.
  13. grandfischer

    bears around the house

    That's insane! Wish I could experience a close encounter like that.