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  1. I’d like to dwell on one of the items which will be useful not only for a military man, but even to a usual citizen. And this is the best aaa flashlight that can be bought on the market now. Do you know that 83% of our senses are the information that is produced from the eye, and in 50% of crimes is recorded at the night time, when our eyesight is limited? The presence of a bright flashlight will make it possible to identify the threat, blind the opponent instantly and take an additional time for the operation. The flashlight must be durable and reliable in order not to fail at the right moment, not to break, to withstand daily use. It should be comfortable, suitable for use with one hand, and have simple and intuitive control. And, of course, it should be bright and energy efficient. The brighter and longer the light will shine, the better it will perform its direct functions, and you rarely have to change batteries.