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  1. The BSA Sweet 17 3-12x40mm is a varmint hunting marvel! It features a quick change turret system and a 3" eye relief which is right in the sweet spot for the 17 hmr rifle. These hunting scopes will allow you to drive tacks at 200 yards, no problem. At the price range it is hard to believe that it can compete with the likes of Leupold and Nikon but trust me, it can. What I really liked is that after I got it zeroed it stayed dialed in with minimal adjustments over 200 rounds with the .17 HMR.
  2. Looks like a painting I swear at first glance.
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    Wouldn't happen to have any more suggestions on some elk hunting boots, would anyone? Thread is not really alive anymore, I am in search of better equipment for my hunting trip. Well, it's more of a group of hunters getting together for a hunt. I think that I have picked mostly what I want, like the shooting gloves, the jacket etc. But boots are another story. I do know that hunting boots fall into one of three categories – Early Season, Midseason and Late Season. So, I've been reading online at http://huntingfishingplus.com/best-elk-hunting-boots and I think I like the review on "AD TEC MEN’S 11" boots. The boots seem to be affordable, fairly durable. I also forgot to mention that I am somewhat new to the whole hunting game. I've been into this hobby for about a year now. Would like to see all the options as I have not yet 100% made my choice. Just asking around and looking for some advice.
  4. Boy, I would I love to see that on my plate on Thanksgiving.
  5. Overhunting stands was probably my greatest downfall as a young deer hunter, and through the years, I’ve caught myself slipping back into that same trap more than once. Initially, it was out of necessity. When I first started hunting, I only had a small 30-acre woodlot to hunt, and the thought of waiting until the conditions were just right never crossed my mind. I loved to deer hunt, and I made sure I was out there every chance I got. That resulted in me hunting the same areas over and over and, as you might expect, I saw fewer and fewer deer as the season progressed.
  6. GARMIN Etrex 20 1 - Preloaded base map WAAS-enabled 2 - GPS receiver for high-sensitivity HotFix satellite prediction 3 - Waterproof
  7. The PK360 is an evolution of a classic design. This beautifully crafted grill has 360 inches of cooking space and can be easily set up for direct heat or can be set up with dual heat zones.
  8. Better than a cooking channel.