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    Dove season

    Got a pretty nice tan line yesterday along with my two boys on the Tennessee opener for doves. The TWRA has been leasing property to hunt on for the last several years 20-25 minutes away from my house and they are becoming more and more popular. I told the boys we will get out to the field and beat everybody there to get the good spots along the tree line and so we got up at 3am and still didn't get there early enough to sit on a tree line that is 700-800 yards long. Oh and did I mention you cannot start shooting until 12pm? We got there over 8 hours early and still couldn't get a spot we want
  2. Not as in Oneida Tennessee right? Cause that's just one county over from me....
  3. It's been a long time since I've got to call you a putz on here.... Putz.....
  4. What part of the state were you going to?
  5. Try this for a little Caribbean twist on the grill. This makes enough marinade for one boneless half of a wild turkey breast. 1 TBS Kosher Salt 1 TBS Garlic Salt 1 TBS Thyme 2 TBS Whole All Spice 2 Fresh Cubanelle Peppers or 6 Annaheim Peppers (remove stems and seeds) 1 Habanero Pepper (remove stem and seeds) 1/4 cup Peanut Oil Thoroughly liquefy all ingredients in a blender. Dry the turkey breast thoroughly with paper towels. (Helps it soak in the marinade and seasoning stick while cooking) Put the turkey breast a
  6. The past two nights have been wild game on the grill in the MouthCaller household... Last night was a half a deer back strap stuffed with jalapeno and cream cheese wrapped in bacon grilled to medium rare perfection and tonight is Jamaican jerk wild turkey breast on the grill. I started out with the tenderloin my making a "pocket" into it by butterflying the middle but leaving the ends attached so you can stuff two jalapeno with seeds removed (because of the kids) and almost a stick of cream cheese into the middle and I stick toothpicks to try to "sew" it back together then wrap in bacon placin
  7. Yeah that's it! I couldn't remember lol!
  8. Janice.... Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time 😂... I feel like there used to be a rebuttal to Janice but I can't remember it
  9. Guess I should've said who I was/used to be it's Will... Formerly KentuckyTurkey and TennesseeTurkey...
  10. MouthCaller

    Hey y'all

    Hey everybody... I know it's slow here not like the days of 10-12 years ago but I wanted to try to catch up a little bit with you guys... I still see a lot of familiar faces from the old days who's posted in recent weeks. *Sigh*.... Where to begin..... I'm guessing the last time I posted here was 2015ish? Not even sure about that but just a guess.... Since then a lot has changed in my life... I've been divorced, gotten remarried, and I'm not exaggerating I literally went from having my one son who y'all might remember when he was born (Mason now 11 years old) to having 7 children.
  11. Pulled the trigger on Sunday the second day of the season a little after 9am... Got on him the day before but couldn't get anything done with him... Next morning he was roosted in the same spot but flew down into the field on top of the hill instead of the field I was set up in... After messing around the the jakes for a little bit I slowly made my way through the woods to the field on top of the hill and crawled out to set up my decoy and started calling... Apparently I got to the field at the right time because within 15 minutes he started gobbling but he was over the backside of the hill ou
  12. Corey is still a jerk I see 😂.... Ben good to read something from you congrats on the marriage and kids and what not... Thanks for the thread Shaun it was really cool finally getting to meet you... Hope all is well with you guys... I actually searched the form for a turkey recipe I used to use on here and found this thread in the search results... -Will