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  1. Does anyone do a hunting log or journal? Found this the other day when I was on amazon, lots easier to use than the notebooks I used in the past.
  2. My friends Dave and Zendal went up to Ontario to hunt wolves. Dave is actually one of the top people in the US when it comes to nuisance coyotes and has lots and lots of experience with coyotes in general. He had always wanted to go on a wolf hunt and call for wolves instead of sitting over bait, this video was shot several years ago and at that time was probably one of the first ever videos of a hunter being successful calling in and taking a wolf. I finally got around to getting it edited, and it's pretty cool so I thought some of you might like it.
  3. This is the 1st of 5 videos of my friend Dave's Wyoming Coyote hunt, part 2 is on my youtube channel also and 3,4,5 I'll finish over the next few weeks if this is something you are into. Dave has hunted nuisance coyotes for over 30 years and definitely knows what he's doing. This is a trip he took out to Wyoming and he does a nice job of explaining some of the reasons he does stuff. Anyway thought some of you might like these.
  4. I was filming my buddy Zendal a couple years ago in Iowa. With deer season growing closer here in 2020 I thought I'ld cut the footage of his doe kill. As a side note when I have gone to film hunts I typically carry 2 of the large sony batteries, I leave the camera on mostly the whole time we are out, and the 2 batteries will easily last all day. The morning hunt it was 16 degrees when we got down at 9:30 am, and of course colder than that prior. It was so cold that my battery in the camera would only make it about 10-15 minutes and then die. I had hand warmers in my pocket keeping the oth
  5. Wow! Hey everyone! Glad to see you all!
  6. I have have one, not to get too technical I'll just say they create the smell after a good rain. The element they create is slightly heavier than oxygen so it knocks down or blocks other smells. I have one, I rarely take it out when I hunt (probably because I got it for free), it's not that I think they don't work I'm just not sure that it covers enough area to be worth the hassle. If I was hunting late season food source on a big buck that I know was showing up, I would probably grab it. As for pre-rut & rut I have a saying "Hormones kill" play the wind and for the most part you shou
  7. I was readings Norm's post from a few years back talking about wanting to go hunting but not having any luck with people stepping up to help him go so I thought I would post this. I had done some work for a foundation that's located in Kentucky called Huntsman's Foundation, they also have a tv show that airs on Pursuit channel called Huntsman's Creed TV. Their mission is to inspire and enable disabled Americans to get back in to the outdoors. They do hunting and also I believe fishing events. They take kids, people with disabilities, and veterans. If this is something that you would b
  8. The shot was forward but wasn't near as bad as I thought in real time. When it goes in you see the luminok bounce forward about 4-5 inches and then come back, so in real time I thought I hit him in front of the leg, and the yell, backflip, and running toward the stand took me and the cameraman completely off guard. The last spot you see him in the video is where he was laying the next morning. We didn't hear a death moan from him but he was close enough that we could hear him stop breathing. Other bears I have shot (like the chocolate) have always done a death moan. I know everyone has th
  9. In 2017 I was hunting in Saskatchewan for bears and things weren't going my way until the next to last night of my hunt. Typically when a bear is shot he will swing and bite towards the area the arrow entered and then turn and run... this bear, well I can say I've never seen one do this before.
  10. I'll post my black bear from the year before it really got my and the camera mans hearts pumping when he reacted to the hit.
  11. Bows that shoot over 300 fps... or pick a number right around there. I guess I could also say any new bow. Archery innovation over the last 10 years imo has been very minimal and has been a large part in the decline in the industry. There was a time there in the early 2000 that some things took big leaps and people were buying new bows every or every other year to get the newest and coolest feature that made shooting a bow better. But since then there really hasn't been that much difference, most bows are pretty good quality now and even though some of the prices have went through the roof
  12. The guide took me in one day when he baited to show me what the bear was doing. At that point I wasn't sure if he was just trying to protect the food for himself or what was going on. He's a decent bear, looks right around the 6 foot mark. When we went in the path takes a couple turns and then your 15ish yards from the bait. The bear would just stay there until just before we turned the final corner, then he would walk back about 20 yards in the woods and sit there and watch us. The guide moved some of the moss so he could bait the barrel and then when we left the bear walked right back i