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Thanks my friend. We would really love to c him shoot a deer cause its my brothers first son and they cant have no more and it was his dream for his kid to take him out in the outdoors and take him hunting but we dont ko yet if he can even except going out and hunting. Thank u tho

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my 7yr old is autistic. i know every child is diffrent but i hope you really think this through. he would have to be really high functioning before i would even remotely concider it. i dont want to go real in depth with my concerns on a public forum but they are many. i would start with asking his therapist what they thought. if you have any questions for me you can pm me.

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You get that kid to Georgia I'll get him a deer. My family is all about sharing are good fortune. We hold fishing tournaments every year at our property for disabled kids. Completely free. Actually its this weekend. Seriously not sure where u are but if you are ever near ga get in touch. We have hogs, deer and turkey.Good luck hope he gets his chance.

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