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Bobby Labonte on Outdoor Channel's NASCAR Realtree Outdoors - Rant

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Sorry, but this is driving me crazy. They were hunting elk with rifle in SW New Mexico with a gentleman described as his guide.

At one point they contemplated letting Bobby try a shot for his bull at around 400 yards, before thinking better of it (but only because a shot didn't present itself, not so much because they thought it beyond their capabilities).

So Bobby proceeds to place his rifle's BARREL onto the shooting sticks/bipod, to get ready to shoot!

Now anyone who's had the most basic fundamental training in rifles and marksmanship knows that you never ever rest a rifle on its barrel, as this greatly throws off your point of impact from the direct pressue - as everyone knows, you always use the rifle's stock, and stock only.

Now first off, it's fairly inexcusable that Mr. Labonte himself wouldn't know this - when he's showing off to the world what a great and enthusiastic rifle hunter he is, for this show. I know he's busy, but sheesh, take some time to learn the basics.

As for the guide, this is what amazes me and prompted me to post this - what in the heck is he thinking? Seriously, it's not a stretch to call him an incompetent moron of a guide, to not immediately correct his client when he tries such nonsense which will all but ensure a miss at 150 yards, let alone the ridiculous 400 they were contemplating - or worse yet, a bad hit, wounding and lost animal. I've seen a lot of dumb stuff on hunting shows, but this ranks right up there near the top.

They didn't have the basic knowledge to be shooting past 100 yards - thank goodness they never tried the 400 yard shot. I didn't see the end, so I don't know if a harvest occurred or not, and at what range, but the snippet was enough to keep me moving through the channels.

Stupid and unethical is as stupid and unethical does! Get a clue, "guides"!

Obviously, this is the guide's fault far more than anyone else, but the Realtree producers and the Outdoor Channel may also bear some measure of responsibilty too, for not at least culling the shot angle to not show bad practices, albeit a very small amount.

OK, carry on. :-)

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