My Hunting Buddy, Sweet Addy Lea....

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I have two Granddaughters. My oldest one will be six years old next month and the other one just turned two months. Like her Grannie, she's obsessed with both hunting and tractors. However, the only difference she and I have, is that she likes those green tractors and I like the red ones. :) Addy's future plans are to become a veterinarian, which would give her enough money to have her very own hunting show. She also plans on entering every tractor pulling contest that she can find. Addy has been accompanying me on hunting trips, since she was 1 1/2 years old and I couldn't ask for a better hunting buddy. [video=youtube_share;bEM7ap9aU0I]

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Keep it up

Keep bringing those kids with you. Im only 16 but the best memories I have is hunting with my family. Kids are the future of hunting and its always great to have kids in the woods and not on the streets. I have a cousin that I brought hunting now he is hooked and has been able to kill a couple of does. Just keep those kids hunting and they'll turn out just fine.

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