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Well howdy gang !! Long time no see. This is my seemingly bi-annual post.....just so much going on all of the time, I miss when things were simpler.

Update. I live in northeast Montana now and work for a fantastic company, Basin Electric.....Steve, same company that has Dry Fork down at Gillette. I've been hear 8 months, and still living out of an apartment....well lets just say, and efficiency apartment would look good compared to this. But being up here and the oil boom n all, there just ain't no places to be had.

I'm trying desperately to find a few acres to build on, but what was once $2-400 an acre before the oil boom, now finds people paying up to $20K.....it's frustrating. Id simply like my lil piece of heaven.....20-40 acres, build a house and some corrals, get a horse or two.....back to what I love.

Heck I havent even had a chance to find any place to hunt yet, and opener is a mere couple weeks away. Good thing though, is I am now a Montana resident....bring on those tags :) I will say, I still entertain the thoughts of going back to Wyoming, maybe even transfer within company.....I'm drawn to Wyoming, it's hard to explain.

So that's what's going on with me in a nutshell.....no trail cameras up yet either. Geeez, I know....tell me about it, LOL. I look forward to getting settled in somewhere....find some nice river bottom to hunt, and get back to what I miss.....horses and hunting :)

How's every one else out their doing ??

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Wow...I remember you :).

Glad to hear your busy and making plans for the future. But you have to make some time to scout a bit. You can't go in the woods cold. All work and no play makes Clay a dull boy.

Keep up the good work and don't lose track of you getting your little slice of heaven.

Good Luck and work safe.

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