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Shotguns for Big Shots!

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World's Largest Shotgun.

In the 1880's, at the height of hunting of waterfowl for commercial purposes, market hunters used large bore shotguns of domestic manufacture. The hunters mounted these cannon-like punt guns on the bow of a flat-bottomed duck boat, called a punt. They poled the boat quietly, at night, close to a flock of ducks resting on the water and fired a large load of shot and powder that killed many ducks at once. Used in tandem, a group of hunters could bag five hundred ducks per day.

Federal Laws banned punt guns, market hunting, and the fashion feather trade by 1920, after much of the wild bird population was decimated from decades of over-hunting.

See the Punt Gun Fired:


The tank cartridge, 120mm, canister, XM1028, is a tank round comprised of 1150 tungsten balls, which are expelled upon muzzle exit. While the dispersion pattern increases with range as the velocity of the balls decreases, the dense tungsten balls are used to minimize the velocity fall-off.

The requirements of the round are to provide effective rapid lethal reaction against massed assulting infantry armed with hand held anti-tank and automatic weapons at close range (500 meters of less) thereby improving survivability. Additionally, this round will signigficantly increase the tank's lethality and enhance the tank crew's survivability. This additional capability will give the Abrams Tank the ability to survive RPG ambushes and fully support friendly infantry assults.

View tank canister being fired from Abrams Tank. It's pretty impressive at the end of the video when you view the tank taking out a row of targets that could be 100 to 150 yards wide and from a distance of 4 to 5 hundred yards, we can only guess or estimage the distance used from this video.

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