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Hunting With Heroes

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Hunting with heroes is a non profit organization geared towards the development and management of hunting land specifically for use by wounded service members. With the first major purchase of land "Hunting with Heroes" will be in Virginia and will consist of installing Wood Duck boxes digging a waterfowl management pond, as well as creating food plots for deer and turkey. This is a start up non-profit organization with backing from Hope for the Warriors "Outdoor Adventures" program and the National Wild Turkey Federation. If you have any questions please see the links below and do not hesitate to ask. I will be looking for volunteers in the future to help guide wounded service members on hunts. Thank you for your time and support and please pass the word.

Our Vision:

The vision of Hunting with Heroes is to help disabled veterans return to the great outdoors in order to help in the healing process regardless of the severity of injury.

Our Goals

Purchase and manage land in the state of Virginia

Create an environment conducive to the breeding and nesting of wildlife and waterfowl through.

Proper land management

Controlled harvesting of wildlife and waterfowl

Placing land into a conservation easement ensuring years of breeding and nesting locations

Creating a positive environment for disabled veterans to enjoy the outdoors

For more information please visit:


Chris Pringle | Hunting With Heroes

Home Page

Facebook ... 274?ref=hl



​Slide Share ... ith-heroes


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