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My food plot is in the middle of the woods so I have to clear branches every year so that it gets enough sunlight. It is about 20 yards wide by 35 yards long. The food plot was already on the property when I bought it in 1999. I planted it myself for the first time in 2000 with just clover and have tried some different seeds since. I have had very good success with WI Winter Greens for years till this demon weed showed up.

About 4-5 years ago this weed appeared for the first time but just a few plants. I thought I had pulled them all out but the next year there were more. It was to the point where there were too many to yank so I let them go. Big mistake! Now for the last 2 years they grow so thick that they crowd out and canopy whatever I grow. Last fall I planted a high dollar clover seed and it was going good till late July when this weed starts to appear.

Now I've considered mowing or weed whacking but I don't want to kill what I've planted. I'm ready to nuke this entire plot and start over. Do you have any suggestions?

Here is a couple pics I took the second week of October and you can see that it is still flowering. Now if I could just get the deer to like it ;)



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Dunno for sure Joe, but bet Chris will know. Could be something that started from bird pooh, they are good at transferring junk to plots.

Far as killing it, a good mix of glyphosate(roundup) and 2 4 d should do the trick, probably would not be a bad idea to go with a follow up a few weeks later to kill any new growth from seed in the ground.

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Don't know about pre emergents Joe. Tried a search on google, some pretty good info out there on some different pre emergent herbicides labeled to control quickweed, but never had any first hand experience with any of them. Be sure whatever you do use is going to be ok to use with whatever you plan to plant.

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What's in your food plot? I could probably find a couple and give you a recommendation. We like to use Remedy for broadleaf plants, but if you have clover or any peas it will knock those out as well, there's a herbicide for everything. Grazon P&D is what we use for hay meadows and pastures.

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