Simple venison meatloaf

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I have to give kudo's to a recipe I've seen floating around Facebook and I gave it a try. My family really enjoyed my spin on it.

1 pound venison ground

1 egg

1 package of Stovetop turkey stuffing

1/2 cup of water

Mix well and bake at 350 for aprox. 45 min.

While this was baking I made mashed potatoes and a simple beef stock gravy (NO ketchup) and it was really very good. Add to that a bottle of my Chilean Carmenare' and it was a simple meal fit for a king. All my brother hunters really need to give this a try.

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Like a veni meatloaf without ketchup and with brown gravy. Never would have thought to try a stuffing mix for bread crumbs. Should be real easy to make and pretty good. Thanks for passing along Joe.

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Looks nice and simple, but what's the Chilean Carmenare?

Don't know I've ever seen that one before.

It's red red wine! I actually spelled it wrong. It's Carmenere'

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