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shot size for coyote?

Would probably use buckshot or dead coyote if I knew I was hunting coyotes, as long as it is legal.

I have hit a few with #5 Winchester turkey loads while turkey hunting and sure they died, but did not find them. Did not look real hard for them either though.

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Would NOT use steel shot of ANY size past about 20 yards on a coyote. Best bet will be either lead or an HTL shot somewhere between #2 and #4 buck. As with shooting anything of size with a shotgun, you need to burn some shells at the patterning board to see which give you sufficient pattern density.

In my coyote shotgun (BPS 10 gauge) #2 copper-plated lead is the go-to load.

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You could go with Dead Coyote if you have some money to spend. I would personally use either 00 Buck or #4 Buck. If you are going to use steel shot you better get up close and personal, like inside 20 yards. Pattern your gun and see what chokes work with what loads at certain yardages. If you are just going out to sling some lead I would use 00 Buck with a full choke on a regular/field barrel. Don't go using large shot size through a tight choke, like turkey. The pellets will bounce off each other and scatter.

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Coyote are kinda narrow small dogs, and 00buck may not work beyond 30 meters. If you hit them great, but the spread may be so big, that the Coyote may fit in the gaps or not get hit in a vital. Running a tight choke causes a pressure spike with big buckshot. 

If you need to use a shotgun, I would run 4 buck through a full choke. 
This will put 27 .24 caliber pellits out in a tight pattern; even more if you find 3 inch. For coy-dog, you will kill them out to 50 meters. Even though the pattern will be big, there will be enough pellits to fill it, and you will make an effective hit. 

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