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Wanted to try something a little different, me and my bud had some last day of the season success so I figured why not make summer sausage? :)

First take one of these


Add thirty percent fat and grind twice, second time in the fine plate (takes forever)


Stir in some goodies


And stuff


Smoked a few hours and iced down. Turned out pretty good, a little damp, may use some pork butts next go around.

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Yeah I've been wanting a mixer, since I've went last year or so from casual burger grinder to full out processing. I've heard they were great, I've heard they weren't worth the clean up time, idk.

I do need a GOOD vac sealer though, the Wally world one I have don't cut it. Good vacuum just not a great sealer.

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On our second food saver, first one came from Sams club and lasted probably 5 years. Still worked but had trouble pulling good vacuum. Put up a lot from garden and meat with it. Only way as far as i am concerned to package meat going in the freezer.

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