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Moulltrie M80X-BLX

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Everything you see here minus the antler. (Cam, (8)rechargeable batteries(2300mah), charger, 16MB SD card)

$125 TYD

Sample videos also available upon request.

Cam runs 4 modes:

1- Trail cam

2- Video

3-Plot cam

4- Hybrid cam



*Night pic samples:



*Day pic samples:



Twilight sample:


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Yeah TG, I'll probably run one or two this fall and that will be it.

I spend more time checking cams than I do hunting. I like doing my scouting the old fashion way..... boots on the ground, and in person with my handheld!

For some reason hunting isn't as appealing to me as it used to be, so I'm trying to get back to my old style.

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Didn't realize they came with guillee suits now' date=' I guess I need to get out more lol.[/quote']

Hey, don't laugh... that may be the only reason it's still for sale here and hasn't been pilfered yet.

I do that to all my cams to add some depth and shadows to them to help fool the human eyes that may be looking for them.

I've only had one cam stolen in many years, and coincidentally, it was one that wasn't wearing a custom camo jacket.

Price drop on this to $100.

Camera is SOLD.

Thanks for looking.

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