Looking for a good tracking light

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A few years back I bought a large rechargeable flashlight in preparation for having to track deer after dark. I bought one from Gander Mountain that looks something like this.


While this light is extremely powerful (I nicknamed it the sun gun because its so bright) it unfortunately has only a 15 minute battery life. Hence it makes it useless in the woods. I would like to get a new light before next season. For those who have tracked deer after dark what are you using and do you have a light you can recommend? Battery life is a top priority for me and I would like it to be rechargeable.

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I carry a couple when we have one to track Joe. A mini mag light seems to be pretty effective and lasts a longtime, also handy size. I have a rechargeable craftsman 19.2 work light that works great and also lasts a good time and is very bright.

Have a big spotlight similar to the one you linked to that i have taken and it works good if you use it to scan and shut it off. Have a Gerber blood tracking light that the flashlight works ok but it really does not make blood stand out, rarely take it.

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Cyclops is the brand I have and use now as well. It is the 2.5 million candlepower model. Have had a few other spotlights that have had issues. No complaints about the cyclops, better life than any other I have had and the one I have does come with a car and a home wall charger. I really mainly use the spotlight from time to time to check on our cows, if it has a full charge it does last a good while.

I have seen some smaller rechargeables that looked pretty handy. Biggest issue I have with the cyclops is it is not really handy to carry when going at it by myself.

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William probably has the same one I have. Mine comes with a shoulder sling as its too big and heavy for one hand. I've used it twice in 10 years. One time I found a shot doe in a field about 100 yards from where I was looking - it really puts the light out there. A second time I did not find a buck I shot with it. After 30 minutes the light went dead so I stopped the search and went back the next morning. Never did find it. Mine came with a car charger as well.

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For a number of years now I've been using a Fenix. Very small yet very bright for tracking. They upgrade/update the models so often the one I use isn't made anymore. It is the PD3. If I was going to buy a new one now, I'd get either the Fenix PD32 or the PD35 and use the rechargeable Li-ion battery. I'd also keep a spare battery or 2 in my pack.

You can check them out here. http://www.fenixlighting.com/products/pd-series-flashlights.aspx

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I've had a few for a handful of seasons now and they work well....



then a smaller one that's still a Coleman that I couldn't find.

they all seem very bright and the light is around 5000 kelvin for color temp.

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