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Range time with my my dinosaur.............

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Finally got an old dinosaur put together and to the range.

Picked this revolver up a couple years back. It is a 1966 Herter's Single Six in .401 Herter's Power Mag. The top-strap had been already altered. So I just went and altered it some more and put a Weaver rail on top. Picked up a fairly period-correct 2.5x Redfield from a fellow a while back. A set of Weaver rings and I was off to the range.


It took a few at 50 then back to 25 yards to figure where I was. Then out to 100 to see if I could hit the broad side of a barn. I am an admitted lousy pistol shot.

Ended up with 2 groups at 100 yards that were nearly identical.......... one flier and a tolerable 5-shot pattern. This is only the first load I have tried. So the gun may like something else better.

These are 180 gr. JHP's at around 1700 fps at 100 yards........ 5 shots.



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