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One more Masterpiece from....

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.......Mark Penrod of Penrod Precision.

Had a semi beater XP100 reciever kicking around here so I turned it over to Mark with the instructions of what I wanted for barrel contour, length and chambering. He called back telling me he wasn't pleased with the original bolt so a new one was ordered from PT&G. Told him there was no hurry, just make it right... He didn't disappoint.



243 Ackley Improved in a 18" 7.5 twist Krieger that ended up 1.015 at the muzzle...

PT&G shifter

I did the rework on the trigger shoe by taking out most of the curve of the factory shoe. Sear engagement surfaces were polished and trued.

I finished the McMillan stock with a texture coat and a flat black coat of Alumahyde II. A Ken Farrel 10MOA base will hold the optic.

The optic for now is a Burris but that's only until Leupold gets my custom shop order processed....

As she sits the scale says 9#15oz....


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Got out this morning with some loads in formed brass. Ran several loads with 4831SC and RL22 under moly'd 105 Amax and moly'd 90gr Scenar.

All loads tried went under 1 MOA but as velocity increased the group size shrunk with the RL22 and the Amax. The fastest load topped out at 2945 average for 5 and a 2 hole .441 group. There were no pressure signs so I may yet see the 3000+ I'm after. I'd venture a guess this pistol is capable of one very small hole if the shooter is capable.


48gr RL22, moly'd 105 Amax .002 into the lands, WLR primer in formed Lapua brass.


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