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Having a minor skunk problem here lol. First one was a couple weeks ago, walked outside to the stench of a skunk close by. Dog smells it and goes running towards the smell. I thought oh great, here we go, we'll have a stinky dog on our hands! Anyway she came back not sprayed. I couldn't find the skunk at first, then about a half hour later I spotted it 200 yards out in the field. Ran in grabbed the rifle and blasted him. Wasn't really thinking when I shot where the best place to hit it would be. It was nothing but a huge mist and a big POOF when the bullet hit, absolutely vaporized it. (50gr soft point from a .220 Swift). Then it dawned on me. Guess I should have aimed for the head eh? LOL. Oh man what a mess, the smell was unreal, dang near burned the hair out of my nose when I picked it up with the shovel to dispose of it. Saw another one the other night and missed it twice aiming for the head, little bugger wouldn't stay still! And me shooting offhand at 175-200 yards didn't help that I missed either.

Then I did a google search where the best place to shoot a skunk is and it turns out even hitting it in the head it will be still conscious enough to spray, and to try to hit them in the heart/lungs/front shoulder area. Anyone have any advice here? I know an animal that size getting hit with a bullet at 4000+fps chances are it's gonna spray no matter if its out the "spray hole" or simply from the explosion when the bullet hits it. I have yet to hit anything with that gun and not blow it to smithereens. (Fox, coyote, groundhog, beaver, and now skunk lol) Unfortunately that's my least powerful rifle next to the .22LR, I would use that if it was fairly close.

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Only option you got? Heard trapping them and drowning them works, but no first hand experience.

Would think hitting the head(especially if you hit it with that high velocity) would be pretty instant and not give the opportunity for them to spray, heart hit might not be as instant and might let them spray. With whatever, just make sure they are where the wind is likely not gonna blow back your way. lol.

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A skunk has to have it's feet on the ground to spray. You can actually pick one up by the tail and it will not spray but I don't recommend it.

Live trapping is the best solution. Put a tarp over the cage and they won't spray. I've done it literally hundreds of times.

If you have to shoot them there is one more solution that is my dad's method. Get one of those .177 cal. air rifles with a scope. Shoot'em in the paunch. They don't spray, they go down their hole and don't come out.

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1. another went for a "swim"

2. "Ditto that"

3. Ditto again!

4. Yes another one today

four in the last couple weeks

all in a Havahart live trap with a solid top, not one sprayed at all while handleing them

my other trap is a cage and you must have the top covered, or they will spray

skunks are looking for a winter home,

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I've only gotten lucky on one head shot with no spray; I must have severed the spine or hit it perfectly in the oblangata. :D I live trap them all the time because they destroy my sweet corn. I like the live trap/drown version, but I don't have a 50 gallon drum anymore, so I can't drown them as of now. Honestly, I just make sure my trap is set down wind of the house and hope for the best.

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Here is a little gadget that I have been reading about on another forum to deal with skunks. A Acetone pole. Leg trap or live trap skunk, Let it smell syringe and sink needle into lung area and inject Acetone. IN a second or 2 the skunk dies and no smell. WaLLAAA! Look it up. Effective way to deal with skunks with no smell.

Picture is for reference. That is NOT me. Make pole longer. That one is too short.


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