Wild Boars in Ontario

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Just came across this article. The one was shot just north of Toronto but it also says they're east of Ottawa too. I know one thing, if they come too far west of Ottawa onto our property they'll have no shortage of lead flying at them!!! :gun1:


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No worries about that John, I have the .220 Swift on guard in the closet only a few steps from the door lol. It's only a reach away if I'm outside or looking out the kitchen window and see a groundhog or coyote in the field. Those pigs will be no exception if I see them around here!:gunsmilie:

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Must be the same people who asked Ben Carson about Muslims and our Constitution..anyways

Had a dream just last night about wild pigs..friend arrowed one ..in the snow..lol

I got to watch it unfold...buddy bailed into the ravine, pig got spooked ran right by, he arrowed it, pig ran around a a hill, came right back past, he drilled it again!

Think it finally ran out of "Transmission fluid"..you know, the "Red" stuff?.... an Oliver guy would know...lol right Tominator?

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