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Been hammering the Raccoons

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From the evening I returned home from Texas. Jan 29th. The coons have been piling up, in a big way. Fat ones too!

Setting a few Z Traps and the conibear 220 in a bucket has been magic.

The season is only open for a few more days. So making the most of it.


These were 2 and 3.


Then these 2. Big Opposum. Never seen one this big. The other 2 are under snow, under these critters. See leg sticking out on top right?


Then this guy. It chewed up my deer kart..



Then this guy. Dancing. Must have been really good bait huh?


Please excuse that sexy guy in his house shorts and boots. It was late and I was ready for bed.


And one unintended victim. Eh...a invasive specie. A English Starling. Good riddance. Z Traps are push and pull trigger. So a Duke Dog proof would have been OK for this bird. They are only pull trigger.


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Looks like a pile of em. Good riddance and congrats.

Got a few 330's out for the beaver here. Shot 4 of them Wednesday afternoon in about an hour between the ice just before dark.

Wondered if a bucket type trap would work with yotes, mixed opinions on the net.

Gotta admit i got a little laugh out of the snow and shorts with boots pic.

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