Thinking about deer plots

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It's getting to be that time of year again.

Go up to our land and wake the Ford tractors up from their long winter slumber.

Put the plow on and do the gardens for my cousins then do the deer plot thing.

Fun time.

I'm going to make a change to what I plant this year.

I usually buy the pre bagged Big Rack Mix from our local feed/seed store but am going to try something different this year.

In years past there was always a lot of turnips in my plots. Deer would dig them out but still couldn't eat them all.

Se we would harvest a few for ourselves. But I'm not real fond of turnips.

We are real fond of rutabaga though.

So I just ordered 1/4 lb of bulk rutabaga seed a few mins ago and then thought, what the heck, why not throw in some carrot seeds too so bought some of them.

I think I will just buy red clover this year. Deer like it. As do the other critters. And it will come back from year to year.

Anyone know where to buy about 5 lbs of bulk clover seed online?

I can get it at the local feed, seed store by the lb but just thought I would check online prices for once.

Anyway, it's the start of another season.

Hope everyone's plots flourish this year.


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Red Clover is one of my very favorite deer plot seeds. My perennial plots consist of a mix of ladino, red, and chicory. While the ladino might go into a summer dormancy the red will usually stay green all summer. Seems to be more heat and drought tolerant than the white. Red clover is also included in all my cools season annual plots. In the fall i will plant a mix of wheat, rye, oats, radishes, red clover. The following spring I will mow the cereal grains once they start to produce seed heads and under all the grains is a nice carpet of red clover that will feed the deer all spring and summer. The clover will be tilled under the following early fall returning all the nitrogen back to the soil and increasing my organic matter. Then I start all over again with the same mix. It is almost a perfect year round food plot (except the 2 to 3 weeks after tilling and planting again).

If you can purchase it locally then you will save money on shipping. If Martin can't get you hooked up then try Welters Seed and Honey. I have ordered seed from them online with great service.


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I'm not on here much now. are you still doing your own seed for certain things?

No, I sold my "open" Farmland to Competition on the Deer Corn sales side, and I work for them during planting.

The Local Seed Company ("Deer Creek Seed), bagged my Blends and bought excess seed from me that I produced, pretty much have the same blends I had. They are listed above; please contact them for your seed needs.

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