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Mission MXB 360 string snapped help

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Hello everyone,

I have always had a thing for crossbows even as a child i would make them out of wood and shooting my brother haha now a little older ;) i have been out and brought a Mission MXB 360 for sale for about $400 i have been playing with her for about 2 months now every weekend with out a doubt and whenever the lads come around i would show them then we are in the yard doing a bit of target practice... all fun and games good laugh anyway the Missions specs are


Model: Mission MXB 360

Draw weight: 160/125/100 lbs

Stroke: 14"

Velocity: 360/310/270 FPS

Arrow length: 22"

Crossbow length: 35"

Crossbow weight: 6.6 lbs

Example image below....

So then about 3 hours ago my strings snapped Which was a Fu***r but s**t happens but it all comes at once don't it and the front right wheel pulley snapped clean off of the bow arm, truly felt like crying, does anybody know if i can order one online somewhere or even fix it myself? the wheel itself is snapped and the bow arm is still in one peace thank god!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys


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Welcome to the forums. If it were mine, I would take it to the nearest authorized shop or send it in for inspection and repair. Mission is supposed to have lifetime limited warranty.

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Now that is a bonus i will have to find the receipt from my emails because i ordered it online and got delivered... right back to my old emails and see where i go from there

i will get back to you soon should be straight forward though

Thanks wtnhunt

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