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Storms and rain and wind. Oh my!

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We went up to the land this weekend for the first time since early July. Boy they had some good storms up there this summer. I hunt over an old gravel pit and it looks like some severe winds came through the place. There must be !5 or 20 trees down in one small area. All of them uprooted and laying in the same direction. Nothing hurt other than the trees but it did make a mess of a couple of my shooting lanes. I won't have time to do much cleanup before the season opener. I'm thinking maybe next year I'll cut things up and get it piled for burning.

Times like this I wish I hadn't sold my loader tractor

They also had one storm where they got 10" of rain in about 24 hours. That one washed a lot of the gravel down the driveway so I had to put the back blade on and pull it back up and smooth out the gullys in the drive.

I didn't think to snap a photo of the trees that were down but my wife did get a couple of me fixing up the driveway.

8 weeks from today Mike and I will be heading up for the rifle opener.

Hard to believe that by then the lakes will likely be frozen over and there could be snow on the ground.

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Sounds like a mess Jerry. I wouldn't be without a loader on a tractor for a small farm. One of the handiest things i own. Use mine for packing the gravel i pull up my drive and of course putting the gravel where i need it from my pile i keep for maintaining. Use the weight of the tractor and loader to pack the gravel. I just bought a 25 ton load each of limestone and chert not too long back, cost $735. 33c limestone @ $425 a load i decided to go with chert to fill the washes and potholes this time. Can remember paying a little over $200 a load before diesel went around 5 bucks a gallon. Like so much else fuel prices have come back to reasonable but products don't.


Picture isn't showing.

This forum software is the worst...

Supposed to be changes away from the current v bulletin software on the way.

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