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Congrats. Need to get a bucket trap for mice going in the garage. Dunno if I will run any sets for beaver this year or not. Water is way down, think some neighboring property owners have busted out dams downstream. We see any sign beaver are back and I will set some 330's. Still probably run a set for yotes.

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About two weeks ago, I was catching several mice a day, was unreal! Also put out throw packs of Tom Cat mice & rat in all outbuildings, even in attic of house gets a couple, HOW they get in is beyond me...I will find dead mice laying outside of buildings soon after the baiting

Everybody around here says this year is really been an infestation.

as far as Yotes skunks and coon, they are plentiful too, it's really a challenge to get them to place that paw right square on the pan..

Tons of great videos on utube to learn from

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Any ideas on catching an armadillo? Our yard has been rooted up and one tunnelled beside our basement wall about 6 ft deep. Tried a conibear rigged over the tunnel overnight one night but no luck and had to fill the hole in before it rained again. Supposedly they have a great sense of smell.

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