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Wife is traveling out of town for work more often these days and with all the craziness it is past time for her to be carrying where she can. Been looking in the under $400 price range, local shop trying to sell me on a glock 43, he is a "blue label" dealer had a great deal on them under $400 out the door to me. Really like the reviews for the smith and wesson m&p shield, good price too. Another consideration was the ruger lc9s. Suggestions?

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Got her the standard 9mm shield.  Found a great deal on the gun online, $60 lower than anywhere local and no sales tax.  Hopefully she never has any reason to use it other than target practice, but she will have it just in case.  Will see how it does with the critical defense rounds after letting her get it broken in with some plinking stuff.

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I know this is an old post but my wife just bought a little M&P Bodyguard a couple weeks ago, nice little .380 gun. she's not done a ton of shooting but she picked up on it and liked shooting this little gun.

have you seen the new shields William? Looks like they've made a couple small changes, they have the Shield 380 EZ now, not sure if they've always sold a 380 in the shield model?

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1 hour ago, Maine Hntr said:

Also meant to ask, did you ever end up putting the crimson trace on? Guy at our local shop recommended against it, he said people put it on and rely on it too much.

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Did not ever put a laser on it.  She does just fine with the factory sights.  She is not traveling for her work anymore either, so she does not pack it with her anymore.  

I have not first hand seen the new shields.  Would not mind having something smaller to tote around with me when I am checking traps in the winter.  

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My wife loves her 380 ACP. Got her a new out of box Kimber micro. Basically, the only thing that fits her hands ?
And I have no problems with 380 ACP as a CCW handgun, even tho a lot of people keep rambling that it's doesn't have a good stopping power. Any gun is better than no gun when you need it.

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