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First archery deer!

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Bow season opened on October 1st here in Ontario and I've been out about 10 times. Been seeing some deer, nothing with antlers until last night. We had a couple inches of snow late last week plus some rain yesterday morning so the ground was pretty wet. I noted on my walk into the stand that it was pretty much silent walking over the leaves. Got to the stand at around 4:00pm and at 5:30pm I was taken off guard by a buck breaking through some thick brush 20 yards directly in front of me!! I was kicked back pretty comfortable in my chair with my legs crossed and my bow on the floor of my stand at my feet. I thought there was no way I'd be able to reach down and get my bow without it seeing me, and I had very limited time since this thing was on the move. I reached down slowly and got my bow and clipped my release onto my string and he looked up at me. I thought I was busted! We had a 2 minute stare down and something caught his ear behind him. I got to about half draw and he looked back up at me, I had to let off. Then he turned back around and I was able to get to full draw before it looked up again. Looked through my peep sight and the right pin was right where I wanted it, I released. Perfect shot right behind the shoulder. I jumped for joy as I heard it crash in the thick woods behind my stand not 10 seconds after I shot. I got down and found my arrow lodged in a stump full of blood. I was pumped!! I came back to the house and got Kayla and Emma and went to retrieve it. Beautiful 8 point buck, not the biggest in the world but I'll take it! Very happy with it. I had just put the SD card back into my trail cam which sits pointed towards I shot, was hoping to have the shot on cam but I just had a few of the deer in the final seconds. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

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