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Struck out this year with Allison.  We had a few opportunities in the early season, late youth hunt ended this weekend had us bump out deer both mornings only to see nothing.  

Allison's first deer in 2015 at age 10.


Nicole's first deer, she was 12


I would have to do some diggin to find Christina's pic with her first one, and photobucket is not being too friendly right now with its ads. :(  

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This pic is of my cousin and his first buck.... he is almost out of the "youth" category, but we have been working on getting him his first buck for many years.  I started taking him when he was 10 and he shot his first doe at 14.  When he started driving he was allowed to go on his own, but never had much luck (or very much patience!!!)

But he finally got it done and got a really nice buck.  He shot this deer in the chest as it was quartering towards him at about 100 yds.  It left very little blood and the trail was difficult to follow, but after a couple hours or searching we found the trail and located the buck about 80 yds from where he shot.

Bryce Buck 1.JPG

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I'll chime in here.  My son, Bailey isn't a youth anymore.  He turns 30 next month.  Since we are traveling down memory lane, here's a couple from when he was young.  WOW...the years have flown by!

Bailey's 1st deer at age 6.

Bailey's 1st deer.jpg

Here's Bailey's best buck so far at age 15.  It gross scored a little over 146 as a 9 point (brow tine kicker doesn't show up well in the pic).

Bailey's best buck.jpg

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