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New Year's eve venison

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Had a good morning...........

Just enough fresh snow to make seeing nice. Had a spike buck come in on me at first light. Then around 7:45, deer started filtering straight toward me right out front. First was a small deer...........couldn't make out button buck or doe. Next was a momma.............just the size I was looking for to make canning meat. She stayed behind this or that while making way onto a woods road about 35 yards out. But the terrain where I was sitting put her down in a dip and out of sight unless I stretched way up. Then another fat doe popped out at about 80 yards. She was in the clear and broadside and still. So I adjusted my forked stick and set the trigger. At the shot, I was sure I heard the ball hit her. But 6 or 8 deer took off and ran up the slope in the timber. I reloaded and waited a couple minutes then walked out. Found the dig marks where she had taken off. No cut blood. I followed the marks easily in the snow. No blood. But I know what I heard. After about 70-75 yards, I found what I call a "blood BB" along side the dig marks..........a drop of blood rolled in the snow about the size of a #6 shot. Kept following the dig marks.........finding a BB in some and none in others. Then I happened to look up and there she layed...........30 or so yards ahead and piled up. Thank Heaven for the snow !!! Without it, I probably would have turned off the track having found no evidence of a hit. The conical had gone in a bit forward and broke the off shoulder on exit. Got plenty of lung as evidenced by what rolled out of her when I cut the diaphragm. Total recovery distance was not more than 100 yards. But I've lost more blood shaving than what she did with two .50 caliber holes in her.

She'll make quite a few quarts of canning meat.


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