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I haven't been here long enough to get to know very many, but reading through the Moron thread was hilarious!!

Do we sign as OG or OM (original moron) 

Maybe we have to earn or Moron license all over again. I'm not sure But I know what I am ...LOL

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Been quite a long time since i have seen Dakota on here.  The link below was the last update on him here, but from what my wife has told me she saw on facebook that he has since undergone a successful heart transplant.  

Sure would be nice to hear from him here. 


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7 minutes ago, Mathews XT Man said:

not seen sureshot around either, he prob leaning up against a fence post reading a magazine,( he missed a nice buck doing that one time), or out howling at the yotes

Incredible how many yotes Brett kills.  A lot of members would like to see back around.  

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Have not posted much lately, but still hanging in there.  The past 2 years have been a little hectic with the wife fighting a battle with cancer and this last fall I ran into some cardiac issues (did not allow for much hunting) and spent an incredible amount of time traveling to and from medical appointments, not to mention time actually in the doctors office, clinics and hospital.  I still check out the forums to see how everyone is doing whenever I get a chance.  Sure is good to see returning members.

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