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Norm Sauceman


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Being I was one of the original Moderators for this room . I am proud my saying still adorns the title. I am just curious if anyone else is having the same trouble getting folks to help then hunt as I am......I must say something about what I am finding out about the state of disabled hunting.

I have been well enough to hunt (with help) for about 5 years. I have begged folks I thought were my friends if they would take me hunting with them plus people I meet at the local gun shops, hunting shops etc.

I am promised the moon and stars all year until about a month before season starts...then there is no longer a reply to text messages, messages left on phone calls and so on...I did happen to find out a few of the folks actually said they would not take me because they did not want anyone shooting "their" deer...When I had the DHNA going it was AMAZING the amount of folks who would show up to volunteer to help and from well over a thousand miles days? not so much.

I can do most everything by myself hunting. I do NOT need a babysitter. Heck, I now do physical therapy 3x a week and can tear up that darned treadmill. I can climb ladder stands and climbing stands...albeit not as fast as I used to..not even close...but I can do it. I only need help carrying a deer out. Heck, I used to have a Yamaha Rhino and could do everything with that awesome vehicle but being I am on disability, I had to sell it to get a hot tub to help me with my pain. Yes, it was a good trade but it really crippled me on getting to go hunting.

Steve Beilgard on here has volunteered to guide me on one of my three bucket list hunts but I have yet to get drawn for the elusive Wyoming Elk hunt. Reason being, I am kind of weird. and Steve wants me to have the best opportunity to see my dream come true. All my life I have had an elk haunting my dreams. A mature 6x6 Bull..nothing less will do. If I do not get drawn for it, I am fine with it knowing there was someone out there who was willing to help me make it happen...and for that I am eternally grateful.

The other two hunts, well, one could really happen but the other, not so much...

I now get to go on only one hunt each year and it is one I look forward to each year. It is a 7 hour drive away and I gladly go every year. It is an awesome time for me and for the past several years I have come to make some awesome friends I look forward to seeing each year.

What has happened to our hunting community? I have even written to many MANY of our hunting celebrities for help...unbelievably it is crickets or "we don't do that"...even though the show they just did WAS doing THAT...

I just do not understand....

One last thing I have found...I have been called at least two times in the last 7 or 8 years about organizations who were going to take me hunting. Recommended from friends of mine who contacted the organizations about me. We talk via telephone for weeks. Then comes the thing I have learned to hate...they ask me which branch of the military I served in and where I was wounded. I tell them I was wounded in a welding accident, re-injured myself 15 years later and survived cancer and the surgery/recovery of that....then it is ..... oh....we only take wounded veterans...sorry -   wow...I am a huge fan of our military. My son is still currently serving our country but dang it....


anyone else having this kind of problem locally? Sorry to go on and on and on...

I was just curious


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That is too bad about the lack of follow through Norm.  Some guys on the tndeer site brag about helping others, bet there are some near you.  I personally am not a fan of how they let mods attack members over there though so I look a few times here and there and rarely post.  That said sure there are some genuinely good guys on there close to you. 

I know when we talked you weren't interested in our small farm here.  Unfortunately nothing has changed despite our attempts to buy more. 

Glad to hear Steve is gonna take you if you can get drawn.  Good luck getting drawn.  There are some very nice bulls on the ranch he would probably take you to. 

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Lots of frauds out there, Norm. But I'll hold up my end of my offer until the day I die. Most on here who know me know that to be so. And, I think you know that. Speaking of that, I'm 70 with a heart condition. You better get lucky one day pretty soon... lol. 

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