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I will have to wait a see how this segment rule plays out in Nascar, I watched the Questions and Answers preview that was aired on this topic but being the dummy I am immediately became confused with all the different ways to gain points .. gaining points in the pits will be interesting. So I will hold my opinion in reserve until I see it in actual use.

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So what does everybody think of the new season so far? How do you like the new format called stage racing? The only problem I have so far is that I feel the Monster Energy Girls are being a little exploited and too risqué in their appearances. I don't think they fit too well into the Nascar family theme especially since most drivers bring their kids onto pit road.Would love to know how the Nascar wives really feel about them too. LOL.

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Drivers let it all hang out on the track..maybe they think they have to?  actually I have not really watched the pit rd. interviews yet after the race, so have not seen them, sprint gals were weird standing behind the drivers trying to smile and act like they were part of the action..dumb

Im used to this stuff, I used to opened the barn door to let the gals in, and and it was swingin and leakin!

looks like they got poured into the tops!
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