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Mathews XT Man

snow geese well up north

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan




Saturday, Apr. 8, 2017

J. Morari reported Near peak numbers & migration
Time: Mid-morning
Weather: Overcast
Temp: 31-40 degrees
Wind: 20+ mph from North
Comments: The geese are here in full force. The birds are settling into local feeding patterns. Huge swarms are keying in on harvested corn fields and are making themselves at home amongst the cattle. The fields are just dry enough to tempt the unwary to drive in up to their truck axles. Only a little ice remains on the larger wetlands.

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The Snows around here seem to be moving a bit more west every year. We hunt them now only if they seem to be with Canadas occasionally.


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Rb, we rarely see snows here, unless a huge storm shoves them from the west, last couple years we have not seen the big canada migration either, unless they flew overnight.

Only time we had a MASS migration here was in '85 when I hosted Harold Ensley. Asked the good Lord to send us geese so he could film a show of us hunting over decoys etc.,  one week before he was to come hunt,....the sky was BLACK with 'em, and they stayed here too......Go figure!;)

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