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Bird #5 of 2017... "save the best for last"

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Still off of work for a few days and I have a tag to fill for Iowa's 4th season. Went out Sunday morning and all the toms were henned up and went south. However, there was a bonus :) Rule #1: the only good 'yote is a dead 'yote. Rule #2: if a 'yote enters my decoy field his life will be very short.

The "old guy in full camo" :)


The dead 'yote at 24 yards


A close up view of the big female. #5's & 3" shells.


Sunday afternoon I set up a blind in the area that the turkeys had left the field. I was in the blind at 4:15 Monday morning. The morning started fast with lots of gobbling, however, NO hens flew down into the field... that's bad news. Did I spook them coming in?? Eventually a bearded hen came out and entered the decoy field. By far the longest and heaviest beard that I have ever seen on a hen. I do NOT shoot hens in the spring. Things slowed down, however, there were gobbles in the distance. I was hoping if I kept calling a lonely guy would show up. Yep, at 7:00 he enters the field. Video camera going. I gave him 4 minutes of camera time before ending the episode. 25 lbs., 1 1/8 spurs and as a bonus 11" heavy beard and a 7" thinner beard. 18" of total beard. Where's the realtree turkey contest when I need it :)




Good luck to all

the dog



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Nice double beard Marty...congratulations!  Congrats on yote control too.  BTW...I have the same attitude about yotes...there's 1 less yote around where I hunt now too.  

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