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I have been planting food plots since 2001. I have used just about every clover seed available out there. With a doubt the best  shade tolerant clover I have planted is "Forested Trail" from Heartland Wildlife Institute.

I have one area on the north side of a stand of pines which only gets a very few hours of sunlight daily. This area gets a lot of traffic from tractors, ATV's and trucks. The last time I planted the area the clover was still growing strong after six years. I plan on working up the area this spring and replanting it with "Forested Trail". There may be a better choice out there but if there is I haven't found it yet.

Maintenance hasn't been a big operation or issue. This area gets so much vehicle use grass doesn't survive well. A couple bags of low nitrogen fertilizer yearly from my broadcast spreader is about all the attention it gets.

I know many don't cater to "buck on the bag" seed but in the overall scheme of things after buying equipment, fuel, Glyphosate and fertilizer the added cost of a picture on the bag is a moot subject if the results are satisfactory.


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