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I've shot 2 so far this year. Both in the yard with the 17 HMR. One was just a couple nights ago actually. I sold my .220 Swift last year so I'll have to use the 7mm-08 for the ones out over 100 yards out in the fields. We are just getting our hay down now so hopefully there will be some to kill here shortly. They are fun target practice.:cool:

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Well, shooting groundhogs is one of the few things I miss doing since moving to Montana decades ago.  Growing up on a farm in NJ gave me the opportunity to hone my stalking and shooting skills by doing my best to reduce the groundhog population.  There were several summers during my high school days that 200+ groundhogs died at the hands of a farm kid and his trusty .22.  Here in northwest Montana we have gophers (Columbia ground squirrels) that are about the size of a groundhog's head and can be a fun challenge if hunted with a handgun or bow.  I no longer keep count but dozens have succumbed as I try to maintain my shooting skills.  I figure if I can hit a gopher at 50 yards with a bow then hitting an elk should be easy.  Whether groundhogs, gophers or prairie dogs, it is good fun that hones stalking (yes, stalking in close is a good challenge) and shooting skills and gets one outside.

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