So here's what one of my plots looks like

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I sent a text this am to the lady who rents up at the happy land. Asked her for a photo
or two of my plot.
She sent this to me.
I plowed and disced this jungle in May but didn't plant anything cause last year the same weeds came up and crowded out my my plot mix.
So now I need some advice. I bought a 25 gal sprayer and jug of glyphosphate.
Was going to spray it in a week or two.
Should I mow it first then wait a week and spray?
Should i mow it off and just plow and disc it again in a month?
Forget the spraying?
My plan is to put winter rye here this year.


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That is gonna be a LOT of seed Jerry.  I would actually be inclined to control burn that field off if that is an option.  If burning is not an option,  would mow it before spraying for sure, but might wait and spray at least a week maybe two after mowing, then spray again about a week later.  Fall plantings where grasses have been definitely do better than spring plantings.  

Reminds me that I need to either get a call in or stop by our local cps office this week and see if they can order me some pennington wintergrazer rye and some clover mixes.  I am going to broadcast some wintergrazer rye grain into my cow pastures this fall. 

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