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Sure would be nice to mow in an ac cab, but yeah that is like second gear low range slow, would take a long time to get much done.  Have heard mixed reviews on the hydraulic line powered accessories.

The genius that had the old light duty 6 foot howse before me sharpened the blades upside down, needless to say it does not cut so well and it snaps the shear bolt anytime you hit anything of any size with it.  

Just last week I rebuilt the stump jumper on my old 7 foot heavy duty cutter and put on new blades.  Had to settle for slightly shorter blades than the original, could not find the exact blades, but still getting a 6 ft 8 or 9 inch cut.  The splines in the hub were stripped, had to grind off the old hub and weld on the new, of course the blade bolts had to be ground off too.  Man does that thing cut now, closest thing I have ever had to a new bush hog.  Cuts almost as clean as the 60 inch mid mount mower deck on my little kubota, looked like a hay mower had been run on my back field.      

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21 hours ago, Ultradog said:

Slow 4g here so can't see the video on this phone. I'm thinking you had it mounted on a skid steer? How much did you mow and how long of trails? How big of saplings will it grind up?

Yes, I have an LS180 New Holland Hi Flow or Standard Flow  The standard Vernig was open for the weekend so I opted for that. I wanted to get things cut so it can grow back in time for bow season, two months away. Plus we had rain coming monday, so great timing!

plot is an acre and trails are porb a mile long three passes to get it all done, some of the trails were 6 foot tall grass..I sharpened knives a couple times, so that really helped it chew it up.

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oh ya,  the brush I cut in my shooting lanes was only finger sized..the high flow unit will do up to 4"  even the low flow unit would kick chewed up grass 20 feet out ahead when it got balled up inside the mower if I pushed it too hard. Was very impressed with the unit. Just had to listen to the whine of the bl;ades to know if you were bogging it down, and adjust your travel speed accordingly...I went back on my plot the next day with my JD Zero turn and chewd up the grass clippings the big mower was powder dry and blew apart, now the clover can come back and not be smothered out in those spots

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