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Mathews XT Man

Nipagon pics

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43 inch Laker, 30+ lbs  Released... A Trophy Fish anywhere!


First fish I caught was a Brooky /speckle 16 inch  got to be 22" to keep


one of the walleyes  18 incher here


Limit of Pike, took half hour to catch em  they were snappin!


Buddy Bill with a laker


Bill with a nice pike


couple 30inch plus lakers


Great people, Lori & Sharon


Captan Bill..  we had fun


great scenery


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Oh Man!! Great pics and beautiful fish!! That laker is a brute! And a gorgeous brookie. Looks like a great trip! Thanks for posting the pics ... now back to work! haha

A friend and I are floating the idea of a lodge trip to Canada to fish in the next couple years, something like this I hope.

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