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Dorothy Payne

Is dear hunting open all year round?

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No smart answers...
Will intelligent answers be ok?
First of all it's the 15th of August so I'm not sure of you saying it's May.
Assuming you are in the US or Canada most states and provinces have fairly strict hunting seasons. I suggest you check your sate or province's website for the regs. If you don't know the website you can just google it.
As for what to do wirh the deer after you've killed it you need to field dress the animal. I'll bet there are many videos on youtube that will explain how to do that. Minnesota requires that you tag the deer before loading it into a vehicle so check your regs.
Then call around your area for local butchers or meat cutters. Hunting stores might have names of people who do it in your area. You can cut up your own deer too.
I did that for many years. Bought an old meat grinder to make the burger.
Youtube might have videos too.
My grand dad used to butcher his own hogs every year. When I was little I asked him how he knew how to do it.
He just said you don't eat the guts, head, hide, feet or bones. The rest is the meat you can eat.
Sounds overly simple now but his advice served me well though at first I made a lot of burger till I had practiced enough to cut nice steaks.

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