Going up to plant rye tomorrow

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Mike,  the guy I hunt with and I are going up to plant rye in the plots tomorrow. I sprayed them with glyphosphate the end of July and got a good burn off. Going to just disc it good and broadcast with a hand crank seeder. Then pull a 6x6 pole around to cover the seed. Hoping to get something to grow for this fall.

Meanwhile, I'd better get out there and fix the tractor tire. I had a flat the last time I was up mowing. Front tire so diy here at home.

56 days till the opener.



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We got the plots planted Saturday afternoon.

I just disced them up real well and then broadcast the seed with the handcrank spreader. Then I hooked up to the 8' york rake and lightly ckvered the seed. Just a day trip but fun and productive.

We're going to go back up in mid October and do some brushing 

Mike snapped a pic of me on the tractor.


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