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2017 fall plot

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Started working on this plot over 2 months ago.  Mowed, then sprayed with glyphosate and 24d.  Burned off as much of it as I could about 10 days after spraying.   Burned off the majority of the dead clipped grass


Disced it, then came back and tilled it.  


About 4 weeks ago limed it with 330 lbs of pelleted, then ran the tiller across at medium depth just before a rain a couple weeks ago.  Had about 70 lbs of lime that spread at planting, due to the spreader breaking.  Last weekend dragged it off with my little tractor and then spread 100 lbs pennington wintergrazer rye grain with the tow behind.  Spread 200 lbs 6-12-12 fertilizer after putting out the rye, helped roll in the rye.  Bed was pretty firm by then, spread 10 lbs rackmaster clover trio with a walk behind spreader.  Sprinkled on and off as I was walking with the spreader, and had a good slow soaker come on less than 30 minutes after getting back to the house.



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At 3 days had good germination.  


Took these this morning.


Later than i wanted getting them in but should be a decent draw in time for the gun seasons. 

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